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Thana said he is eatool applications ger to take on the new job, which Intensifying competition and the he added would give him a chance growing popularity of mobility are to work with Brekke, his mentor, the main driving forces for enter- again.

Ricoh india news

Telenor is mobility and the growing popularity one of 91 global telecom giants havof social media are crucial for evalu- ing submitted expressions of interest ating the real potential for multi- for telecom licences to be issued New ready-to-serve IT services by Hitachi. We are experts in customizing systems to match your requirements.

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We guarantee high security and availability of system tools. Bangrak, Bangkok , Thailand.

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Previous page Next page. Researchers discover how monarch butterflies can eat toxic milkweed, then they give the same power to fruit flies. Plus: the quantum gold rush and privacy hurdles for Facebook research. Research Highlight 03 October People with a certain type of liver cancer die sooner if they have higher levels of some metabolic proteins. News 03 October Letter 02 October Seven Days 02 October There are two distinct kinematic populations of globular clusters in Messier 31 M31, the Andromeda galaxy with rotation axes perpendicular to each other, suggesting that they arose from merger events separated by billions of years.

Ricoh india news 12222

Operationally simple chemical reactions, termed click reactions, are widely used in many scientific fields. A streamlined synthesis of compounds called azides looks set to expand the role of click chemistry still further. News Feature 02 October Editorial 02 October In humans and mouse models, the mycobiome of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma tumours is markedly enriched in Malassezia species compared to that of normal pancreas, which implicates these pathogenic fungi in oncogenesis.

Futures 02 October David Leslie critiques it.

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Matters Arising 02 October Aerial sampling in the Sahel of Mali reveals large numbers of windborne malaria mosquitoes that had recently fed on blood and could cover hundreds of kilometres in a single night. Nature Briefing 02 October An iconic river returns to life, why US officials are targeting flavoured vapes and what comes after quantum supremacy. Analyses of transcriptomes from patients with acute myeloid leukaemia identified frequently co-occurring mutations of IDH2 and SRSF2 , which functional analyses showed to have distinct and coordinated leukaemogenic effects on the epigenome and RNA splicing.

The rapid return of mosquitoes to African semi-desert regions when the dry season ends was an unsolved mystery. A surprising solution to the puzzle is the long-range migration of mosquitoes on high-altitude winds. Review Article 02 October The authors review recent developments in our understanding of the antitumour effects of the innate immune system and how this system could be harnessed in the clinic. The phenomenon of Bose—Einstein condensation is typically limited to extremely low temperatures. The effect has now been spotted at much higher temperatures for particles called excitons in atomically thin semiconductors.

Nature Podcast 02 October The impact of fungi on human health is under-studied and underappreciated.

One genus of fungus, Malassezia, has now been linked to the progression of pancreatic cancer. Skip to main content. Matteo Malinverno et al. Development of blood vessel malformations in the brain. Editorial 09 September Open Access The path of biomolecular mass spectrometry into open research Originally designed for measuring isotope abundances and elemental masses, mass spectrometry is becoming a mainstay across life sciences. Search Nature Communications. Latest Research Physical sciences See All. Article 04 October Open Access Observation of a phonon bottleneck in copper-doped colloidal quantum dots Weak electron-phonon scattering that can enable long-lived hot electrons in semiconductors is of interest in hot carrier solar cells.

Article 04 October Open Access Prebiotic condensation through wet—dry cycling regulated by deliquescence Wet—dry cycling is regarded as a possible driving force of condensation reactions under prebiotic conditions.

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Article 04 October Open Access Nanomechanical characterization of quantum interference in a topological insulator nanowire The density of states DOS of a topological insulator nanowire is expected to show Aharonov-Bohm AB oscillations, but they are never observed so far. Astronomy and planetary science Chemistry Energy science and technology Engineering Materials science Mathematics and computing Nanoscience and technology Optics and photonics Physics.

Earth and environmental sciences See All.

watch Article 04 October Open Access Meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials testing behavioural interventions to promote household action on climate change It is not clear which are the most effective mechanisms to achieve sustainable lifestyle behaviour. Perspective 04 October Open Access Engaging with research impact assessment for an environmental science case study Existing approaches to research impact assessment fail to include a range of soft impacts.

Biological sciences See All. Article 04 October Open Access Adaptation of Plasmodium falciparum to humans involved the loss of an ape-specific erythrocyte invasion ligand Here, Proto et al. Health sciences See All.

Article 04 October Open Access Mitochondrial calcium exchange links metabolism with the epigenome to control cellular differentiation Myofibroblast differentiation contributes to extracellular matrix remodeling and fibrosis. Article 04 October Open Access Arctigenin attenuates diabetic kidney disease through the activation of PP2A in podocytes Arctigenin ATG is the major active component of a Chinese herbal remedy known to reduce proteinuria in patients with diabetic kidney disease DKD.

Comment 09 September Open Access Orbitrap journey: taming the ion rings The establishment of the Orbitrap analyzer as a major player in mass spectrometry based proteomics is traced back to the first public presentation of this technology 20 years ago; when a proof-of-principle application led the way to further advancements and biological applications.

Comment 05 September Open Access Towards Urbanome the genome of the city to enhance the form and function of future cities The health of the city depends on how well all the elements of this system are interconnected and operating in harmony. Comment 02 September Open Access Technology to advance infectious disease forecasting for outbreak management Forecasting is beginning to be integrated into decision-making processes for infectious disease outbreak response. Focus M. More Collections. Trending Altmetric Deep whole-genome sequencing reveals recent selection signatures linked to evolution and disease risk of Japanese.

Early-career setback and future career impact. Phylogeography of the second plague pandemic revealed through analysis of historical Yersinia pestis genomes.