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While on a sailboat ride, Blaze, AJ and Stripes discover Animal Island, an island inhabited by friendly animals with their own thing to do. But when a greedy chameleon steals all the animals' powers hoping to have one for himself, the three must avoid his obstacles and save their new friends. Blaze, AJ and Stripes discover an island they've never seen before. One day, Blaze , AJ and Stripes are on a boat ride across the ocean.

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After Blaze greets the viewers, Stripes warns them of a big wave up ahead, and they jump it. Blaze eventually spots an island appearing in the distance, which confuses Stripes since the island isn't on his map. AJ assumes no one's ever been there before, and they go to check it out. The group arrives on the island, amazed at the island's appearance and has a giant lion head statue in the central plaza.

When AJ wonders who lives there, he is answered when a group of animals appear, surprising them as they enjoy themselves.

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One of the animals, an elephant named Bunk , is surprised to find out their island has visitors, and they surround them. Some of the other animals that greet the trio are Bam the gorilla, Nelson the rhinoceros, and Skyler the falcon.

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Blaze likes the island, but he still doesn't know where they are. Bunk explains they're on Animal Island, and the animals begin to welcome the three through an upbeat song as they introduce themselves and what they do. Blaze also sings with them, even joining in the "Waterfall Roll Call" as he calls out to them.

Not far from the gathering place, a chameleon, Lazard , is spying on them from his treehouse, jealous of all the animal powers they have. He wishes he had some of his own, and summons his warthog henchmen, Wartimer and Snout, for assistance. When Snout suggests he take the powers himself, Lazard gets an idea to use his Power Stealing Machine to do so. The machine activates, stealing the powers of all the animals.

AJ uses his Visor View to locate Lazard, as the powers are all gathered into the machine.

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The animals are worried, but Blaze is confident he and Stripes will help get the powers back. He and Stripes use Blazing Speed to start their journey. At the treehouse, Lazard is amazed at how many powers he has now, and decides to try them out. When Mr. Mugabe tripped and fell in public earlier this February, his ridiculous sense of superiority revealed itself. He ordered journalists who caught the fall on camera to delete the photos, then had his administration deny the fall.

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Mugabe also fired 27 members of his security staff as a result of the fall. As culpable as Walter Palmer and every other trophy hunter surely are, leaders like Robert Mugabe, who blatantly profit from the exploitation of his country and its resources, need to be held accountable as well. Past Presidents. Lions Club International.

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