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Northern Virginia
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Yeasts have only two sexes, controlled by two sex genes called, say, gene 1 and gene 2. A type 1 yeast is compatible with all type 2 yeasts, or half the population.

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The drawback of a simple two-gene system is that an individual is also sexually compatible with half its siblings. If a sibling is the only compatible fungus nearby, the two can hook up, but their children will lack genetic diversity. We find the opposite approach in the split gill fungus, Schizophyllum commune. In this widespread species, each sex gene can have hundreds of versions.

In order to be sexually compatible, an individual must find a mate that has different versions of both genes. All these different sexes, up to 28, of them, might seem unnecessary, but the higher number of combinations helps keep genes shuffled in case of a new threat.

Threats can be environmental such as drought or fire, or biological. Such as parasites. Parasites on fungi can result in rare delicacies such as the Lobster mushroom, Hypomyces lactifluorum. This parasitic fungus grows on other edible mushrooms, turning them a reddish color similar to a cooked lobster. Last but far from least, fungi also outcompete other living things in terms of their epic proportions.

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A single individual fungus in Oregon spans 3. This truly humongous fungus grew undetected until the 21st century, however. Fungi such as the honey mushroom, Armilaria solidipes , grow mostly underground. This particular species is a tree parasite, causing white rot root disease on living trees and growing as a tube-like form called a hypha. The hyphae grow and branch to form an underground network, connecting roots between multiple trees.

We only see mushrooms breach the surface when the fungus reproduces sexually. Scientists were only able to discover that the honey mushroom can grow to such extensive sizes with the advent of new technology to sequence DNA from multiple mushrooms, and finding that the mushrooms were all genetically identical. Using this same DNA sequencing approach, scientists have also begun to sequence communities of microscopic fungi living in soil and water, inside plants and animals, and even in the air itself. The rate at which scientists find unique fungal DNA has raised the estimate of the total number of fungi on Earth to upwards of 5 million species.

All these undiscovered species beg the question, what other fascinating feats might these furtive fungi be hiding? Facebook Twitter Youtube Instagram. Civil War buffs can tell you all the why-fors surrounding the decision to bury his arm separate from the body. Arlington - Another unusual place to visit is the Drug Enforcement Administration Museum is the only Museum in the country focused on drugs, drug abuse and drug law enforcement. Located across from The Pentagon , visitors can learn the history of illegal drugs in America from the opium dens of the s, the '60s drugs — marijuana, amphetamines and psychedelics — to present day designer-type drugs.

Enjoy replicas of a drug store, head shop and crack house!

Swamp Things | The New Yorker

Only in America. Arlington - Almost all of them are in Russia, but there's a headless Vladimir in Virginia, too!


Easter Eggs (Season 1)

Just like the old Barnstormer shows, you'll thrill to the whirling daredevil stunt pilots, crazy wing-walkers like in the s and skydivers and hot-air balloons falling out of the sky! You can even pay to ride in a biplane after the show. Richmond - The Richmond Dairy Co. According to Milk Bottle News , an actual Website from the United Kingdom, not many milk bottle architects are left on this planet.

Richmond - Ever hear of a kugel? Us, neither!

BBC - Earth - Six bizarre things about fungi

But we've got a kugel in Virginia! Just head on over to the Science Museum of Virginia to see it up close. Touch it, make it move, kiss it like the Blarney Stone. You won't believe it! While you're there, see some other weird things inside! See where John Boy escaped from the rest of the family and wrote all his stories. Notice there's no TV in his room or video games; no posters, even.

Most STRANGE Things Found On The Beach!

Visit Ike Godsey's General Store, too. If you still have those items they are now worth a small fortune! Amelia - Find those gems and take home a 5-gallon bucket full of them for just the price of admission to the Morefield Gem Mine! The tourquoise-colored amazonite is plentiful here. Other gems include garnet, topaz, feldspar, pyrite, quartz and a huge mound of polished marble, like stepping stones for your garden.

Closed from mid-July to late September. See the interactive-screen exhibit of this 2,pound delight at the Isle of Wight Museum , where you can also see the World's Oldest Smithfield Ham — years old — protected in a glass case in one of the museum's ham galleries. Be sure to ask which ham gallery. Lofty Loblolly Pines surround the park, and a barnyard of exhibits honor industries related to pork, peanuts and pine. The collection became a little smaller last summer, however, when a thief broke in and nabbed 21 skulls.

A rock tunnel at the back of the store descends for almost feet, and its walls are carpeted floor to ceiling with shells. There are 4.

Climate change fingerprints seen on 24 weird weather cases, study says

Big shells, little shells, shells in circles, hearts and fans, shells of winkles, cockles, mussels, scallops and oysters. The strangest thing about Margate Shell Grotto , however, is that nobody knows who built it. Or when. Or why. T he ancient lighthouse - or Pharos - at Dover, once one of a pair, stands 80 feet tall, making it the tallest Roman remains in the country. It watched over the port of Dubris, but now stands inside the grounds of a 12th century castle built by Henry II.

The castle became the first stopping point for foreign dignitaries coming to visit the Canterbury shrine to the martyred Archbishop Thomas Becket.