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Or what about a shared diary or notebook that can be used to communicate thoughts or ideas in writing just between you and them? Sign your child out of school during lunchtime for a quick bite to eat or a coffee while the other children remain at school or in care. Years ago we had a babysitter for the younger children at various times. Enlist trusted friends and family members to spend special individual time with your children.

Each child looks forward to their special time with Grandma around their birthday. This is a special time for both of them and I see it as strengthening their sibling bond. But that may change down the track, so Katie suggests being open to change and also aware of your current limits.

A Guide to Guerrilla Parenting

Katie says that some of her children ask for or seek out one-on-one time with her. And some only need it some of the time. Katie uses the walk home from school and those first minutes as her children enter the house after school as a time to gauge who might need some special time alone with her later in the afternoon and evening. To me that seems to be the key to all of this.

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After all, one-on-one time is really all about treating your child as an individual. From now on its no longer purely kid-free time! Speaking with Katie has also helped me appreciate the little and spontaneous moments I have individually with my kids every day and the moments other important adults in their lives also have.

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The mornings when one child wakes first. Bath time when the other children are playing. A few kicks of the footy outside with our number one sportsperson Dames.

Find In-Home Care Options Near You

And the wonderful moments that our children share one-on-one with their grandparents, their godparents, other significant adults and with Jess our nanny. These moments all count too! Last year I wrote about how the Letdown Season 1 provided a reminder to us parents that we are not alone in the challenges we face.

Like many others I have chatted to about the show, I saw so many of my own experiences reflected in that first Season. Significantly we learn that women just like us and families just like ours can face the difficult decision to terminate a pregnancy. And that women just like us and families just like ours indeed do terminate.

Struggling to work out sleep strategies. Struggling to chart my own parenting course. And Jeremy Brendan Cowell is Damien: soothing, calming, understanding, supporting. At the end of Season 1, Audrey and Jeremy are us when they find out they are pregnant again and on track to have two babies under two. Season 2 starts with the same level of familiarity. Not possible it turns out…. There we are considering questions about party entertainment… Sugar-filled or sugar-free baking? It feels normal. It feels like my experience.

I know it. And I think: well the drink is okay — the contemporary guidance permits an occasional one when pregnant. Let me know if you need any recommendations…. But, honestly, for me it takes Audrey to give us the statistics — that 1 in 4 women terminate a pregnancy and the majority of those women are mothers — for the penny to really drop…. I see Audrey just like me and Audrey and Jeremy just like us. And yet, we have never considered an abortion. And I have never personally known anyone to have had an abortion either. And that is the absolute genius of The Letdown in the first two episodes of Season 2 — it demonstrates to us that people and families , including people and families like us, terminate pregnancies.

All 6 episodes are also available now on iview. I hope it is entertaining but also thought-provoking viewing for you.

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I would love to know what you think and whether in viewing it you shared my experience. We turn off the news. We discuss after bedtime. How Susannah and her family enabled their two year old daughter to experience the loss of baby Clementine, and how they continue to acknowledge and honour Clementine, is all at once both heartbreaking and inspirational.

The pregnancy was relatively problem free, and I had a water birth. It was all that we had hoped it would be. In , I was pregnant again with our second child. Two weeks before my due date, I felt our baby, a little girl, had stopped moving. The hospital later confirmed that she had died. It was such a shock for us. Scans had identified that she was a particularly little baby, but everything suggested she was otherwise perfectly fine. Eleanor was only two when our baby, named Clementine, died. We had read lots of books preparing her to be a big sister, I was visibly pregnant, and the nesting was complete.

Not ever. How did you approach it with Eleanor? We thought it would be too much. Too confronting. Too difficult for her. Too upsetting.

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Getting Your Toddler to Eat: A Nanny P Blueprint (Book 2) (Unabridged)

We wanted to protect her from the reality of the situation and our grief. But our midwife, who was very experienced and knew us well, encouraged us to think about what the photos and the experience of meeting Clementine could mean to Eleanor. The photographs, some of which include Eleanor holding Clementine, are especially beautiful and precious. They are really all we have to remember the short amount of time we had with Clementine. And as it has turned out, the photos are incredibly special to Eleanor. We were advised to share information that was appropriate to her age and to be guided by her and any questions she asked.

For Eleanor at two years of age and in our circumstances, this meant:. Reading age-appropriate books about death to Eleanor also really helped us. LG: Did others have different views about involving Eleanor in the grieving? The few times that I did get upset, I did try to hide this from Eleanor.

But I know now that it can be confusing for children if we hide grief or sadness from them because they have fine-tuned emotional radars. Now I feel like it is okay to let tears come in front of Eleanor and Patrick. It also gives them the opportunity to learn how to respond to someone who is sad.

LG : Five-plus years on, Clementine lives on in your family. What do you do to remember Clementine? However, it is very important to me to acknowledge that day and it has become a family tradition to acknowledge it. She had music and she led a prayer. It was very important to her. Clementine would have started school this year. The teacher was so lovely and responded so beautifully. Eleanor also took a teddy bear to school at the beginning of the year. This teddy is special as she was given to us when Clementine died. Eleanor took the teddy bear to school with her for a few weeks as her way of representing Clementine coming to school with her.

LG: Patrick was born in Does he also understand what happened to Clementine? SR : Patrick is nearly four now. Does Eleanor worry about death? Eleanor has, from time to time, asked why Clementine died.

Name That Book cont. Part II | Romance - from historical to contemporary | LibraryThing

So, Eleanor believes that most babies are perfectly fine which is true. What do you think? SR : I think that the idea might lead us to try to create a false reality for our children.