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  1. NSAA moves to clean up "vulgar, profane, lewd acts" in speech and drama competition
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Theatre Music Literature Visual Film. Frosh in Focus Longform. You are here Home Arts Being true. A One Act Series presents two plays examining past and current love threatened by insecurity. December 1, Brittany Johnston. The Ugly One, a one-act play, is the story of a man who has had plastic surgery and struggles to find himself.

Salome (1923) - from Oscar Wilde's play - silent with clean English intertitles

Simona Markovik. Four actors play multiple roles, transitioning seamlessly from one character to the next. Fifth Company Lane Productions. Related Stories. November 23, Wait until the lights go out to scream. Archive Arts. Latest Video. September 17, Queen's Frosh Week Latest Gallery. March 12, Special Projects. April 6, Lights come up on a small restaurant. There a few tables in the room. A sign says food and spirits.

Below that sign is a hand written sign that says, And we don't mean the alcoholic kind. The cleaning lady, SAL, is sweeping up. Hears something. Looks around nervously. She shrugs, shakes her head, and continues to clean. Any ghosts in here? You can relax, Patsie. The ghost busters are here. Paying money to have these guys come on scare our ghosts is what's funny.

As long as they get rid of them, that's all I care about. He is in a suit, slicked back hair, and carries some electronic gadgetry. I'm getting some strong readings here. Rushes to him dramatically. Let me see.

Yes, excellent. Exactly as I expected. THIS is the room. We already told her that on the way in. Waves his gadget around. The strongest readings are there. Points to a chair at one of the tables one of the audience members is sitting in.

NSAA moves to clean up "vulgar, profane, lewd acts" in speech and drama competition

And there. Points to the ceiling above that table. Oh, my gosh. He's right. No They haven't ever been in this room before.

Please tell us more of the history of this room. What do you know already about the ones who inhabit this place? We don't know much at all actually. We bought this building a year ago because it was cheap.

We've always wanted to start a restaurant, but couldn't afford it. The reason this building was so cheap was because people claimed it was haunted.

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I've never believed in that stuff so I thought what the heck. Let's get it. Everyone around here knew the story of it being haunted so we made a big deal out of it. We decided to call it the Boo Caf. Everything went great for a while. This became a popular little spot to eat.

Then strange things started to happen.


10 Minute Plays by Stephen Bittrich :: ONE-ACT PLAYS :: TWO EGGS

Objects would be in one place, then show up in another. How did you know? That's usually how it starts. I didn't believe any of it though until that one night. We'd closed up that night and went outside to get in the car and go home. We started to drive off but Paul told me to stop. I saw a light go on. I immediately thought burglars. I told Paul we should call the police but he wanted to go in and scare them off himself. He ended up getting scared instead. Anyway, I got out of the car, pulled out the tire iron from the trunk and headed for the door.

I froze when I saw. Pointing fearfully at ceiling above the table mentioned before. Now starting to sob. And crying crying from that chair. Falls into the chair.

Cynthia L. Cooper

Oh, John. Step back. She picking up a presence. Holds up gadget.

Look at these readings. They're off the chart. Tell me you name! Why did you do this? Who is John? I loved John. I loved him so much. What happened?