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What can you tell us about your own time as an Officer in the US Navy? The Navy is great place to be from, but not to be at. You probably understand that very well as a fellow veteran. I served from with numerous years in the submarine force and a one-year stint in Iraq.

I'm very grateful for the friends I made during my time in the Navy, and I had some great leaders along the way. However, I could never have done it for the full 20 years required for retirement, and I have a lot of respect for those who stay in for the long haul to serve their country. How has America Goes On been received by your Navy colleagues? So far so good, and my old Navy buddies are enjoying it. A lot of them couldn't believe I wrote a damn book, but with the self-publishing revolution that's taking place, I don't see how you could not write a book. America Goes On has been passed along to some Marine buddies as well, and I'm hoping for some good feedback from them.

It's my first novella, so I really need to keep improving on my writing and the feedback. I've got a ways to go to get my one million words in, but the journey has been really fun so far. Have you always wanted to be a writer, or was it the furthest thing from your mind while you were in the US Navy?

It never occurred to me that I would want to be a writer when I finished my time in the Navy. Honestly, you get so bogged down in your day-to-day routine, you never think about long-term goals for your life. Once I got out, I had to start making decisions for myself. Now, I'm married in Thailand with a daughter--it's funny how life works.

I started writing, because I pretty much in quarantined in the house with the new baby, and I thought I could make a little bit of money while having some fun. Hopefully, I can make a full-time living at writing, but I've got a ways to go.

What are you working on at the moment? Currently I'm putting together a technical How To guide that focuses on eBook formatting.

What is a Novella?

It's not the sexiest thing in the world, but I think there is a strong need for this knowledge in the self-publishing community. It will be released soon, so stay tuned. Also, I've just finished the first draft of a sci-fi novella.

I am not without skin in this particular game: my novel Reel weighs in at around 40, words. When talking with agents, I was asked by one if I could add another 15, to it.

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Thankfully, Rare Bird Books, who published it, have a welcome openness to shorter literary works—a quality that they share with other independent presses, but not many of their larger counterparts. And there was a brief span in when ebook-only novellas from both Nick Harkaway Edie Investigates and Victor LaValle Lucretia and the Kroons were published in the lead-up to, respectively, their novels Angelmaker and The Devil in Silver. Arguably the most successful initiative in a major publisher releasing novellas has come via Tor.

Full disclosure: I am a regular contributor to the website Tor. Doorstopper-sized books may have a marketing advantage as well: a giant novel is more of a conversation piece than a slim one. Unfortunately, there are numerous high-profile instances of some in the literary world conflating size with merit.

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The Return of the Novella, the Original #Longread

Sparks also raises another crucial point about the importance of novellas: in minimizing them, is American literary culture also minimizing the voices of many writers who are drawn to shorter works? In minimizing novellas, is American literary culture also minimizing the voices of many writers who are drawn to shorter works? No one knows what will come. I speak to you. We are such a little huddle. He slept in the sons' room—bunk beds piled on each other. The top one was crowded with Paula's storage boxes. He rolled back and forth on the bottom, dreaming, jerking awake, again dreaming. Now and then, with a vomitous taste, he belched up the hot cocoa Paula had given him for reconciliation.

Between the Baumzweigs and himself a private violence: lacking him, whom would they patronize? They were moralists, they needed someone to feel guilty over. Another belch. He abandoned his fine but uninnocent dream—young, he was kissing Alexei's cheeks like ripe peaches, he drew away. After the kiss she slowly tore the pages of a book until it snowed paper, black bits of alphabet, white bits of empty margin. Paula's snore traveled down the hall to him. He writhed out of bed and groped for a lamp.

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With it he lit up a decrepit table covered with ancient fragile model airplanes. Some had rubber-band propellers, some were papered over a skeleton of balsawood ribs. A game of Monopoly lay under a samite tissue of dust. His hand fell on two old envelopes, one already browning, and without hesitation he pulled the letters out and read them:. We had to put on white shirts and white shorts and go to the casino to hear Chaver Rosenbloom talk about Sacco and Vanzetti. They were a couple of Italians who were killed for loving the poor. Chaver Rosenbloom cried, and so did Mickey but I didn't. Mickey keeps forgetting to wipe himself in the toilet but I make him.

Paula and Ben: thanks so much for the little knitted suit and the clown rattle. The box was a bit smashed in but the rattle came safe anyhow. Stevie will look adorable in his new blue suit when he gets big enough for it.

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He already seems to like the duck on the collar. It will keep him good and warm too. Josh has been working very hard these days preparing for a course in the American Novel and asks me to to tell you he'll write as soon as he can. We all send love, and Stevie sends a kiss for Grandma and Pa. Mickey drove down in a pink Mercedes last week. We all had quite a chat and told him he should settle down!

Heroes, martyrdom, a baby. Hatred for these letters made his eyelids quiver. Everything a routine. Whatever man touches becomes banal like man. Animals don't contaminate nature. Only man the corrupter, the anti-divinity. All other species live within the pulse of nature. He despised these ceremonies and rattles and turds and kisses. The pointlessness of their babies. Wipe one generation's ass for the sake of wiping another generation's ass: this was his whole definition of civilization. He pushed back the airplanes, cleared a front patch of table with his elbow, found his pen, wrote:.

It is very strange to me to feel I become a Smasher, I who was born to being humane and filled with love for our darling Human Race.

Review: America Goes On - A Novella | Paul Salvette | Carpe Librum

But nausea for his shadowy English, which he pursued in dread, passion, bewilderment, feebleness, overcame him. He started again in his own tongue—. I am a man writing you in a room of the house of another man. He and I are secret enemies, so under his roof it is difficult to write the truth. Yet I swear to you I will speak these words with my heart's whole honesty. I do not remember either your face or your body. Vaguely your angry voice.

To me you are an abstraction.