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The Rocketman fact check confirms that he dropped out of the Academy at age 17 to pursue a career in music. They divorced when he was 14 and his mother was granted custody. Prior to that, his father, Stanley Dwight, was at times physically absent due to his career in the Royal Air Force, leaving Elton to largely be raised my his mother, Sheila, and maternal grandmother, Ivy Harris.

By the age of 15, his mother had remarried, tying the knot with a local painter named Fred Farebrother. Elton found Fred to be supportive and caring, and even gave him the nickname "Derf", which is Fred spelled backwards. Rocketman portrays Elton John's father, Stanley Dwight Steven Mackintosh , as being a disinterested and physically absent parent who leaves his son longing for affection and approval.

The attention he does give his son, who was then known as Reggie Dwight, comes in the form of scolding him when he touches his coveted record collection. The portrayal isn't a far cry from how Elton described his father in real life. Elton even abstained from attending his father's funeral in because he said he'd be a "hypocrite" if he went.

Though the public's perception of Elton John's father, Stanley Dwight, has largely been relegated to the negative quotes that Elton has said about him in the press over the years, other family members tell a somewhat different story. For instance, in Elton claimed that his father had never been to any of his concerts. However, his stepmother, Edna, says that she and Elton's father went to see him perform "many times," even taking his four brothers on one occasion.

She says that after that particular concert, they were all invited back to his dressing room, and he and then-manager John Reid came to their house for dinner. That isn't the only thing that the family disputes, and it appears many of Elton's beliefs about his father were possibly shaped by his mother's bitterness following the divorce. Elton's claim that his father was absent for his birth is false, as official records reveal that Stanley was home at the time and even registered his son's birth. It's true that Stanley was stationed overseas when Elton was very young, but according to Elton's stepmother Edna, his mother Sheila refused to go with Stanley because she thought the other officers' wives were "snobby.

In the movie, Elton's grandma Ivy is pretty much the only one in the family who supports his dream. In researching the Rocketman true story, we discovered that both of Elton's parents were musical. His father, Stanley Dwight, had been a trumpet player with the Bob Millar Band, which had a reputation for performing at military dances. They both supported his dream on some level, much more so his mother, despite Elton never really acknowledging it over the years.

Rise of the Machines

In , the John Lewis Christmas TV ad featured a child actor as a young Elton unwrapping his first piano as his mother and grandma watch. The scene is intertwined with the real-life Elton playing "Your Song" at the same piano as an adult. Biographer Philip Norman notes that although it implies that his mother purchased the piano, it was actually his father, Stanley, who bought the piano for him.

This is what Rocketman leads us to believe, reasoning that it's what gives rise to Elton's wild wardrobe as an adult. However, Elton's stepmother says that his father let him buy whatever clothes he wanted, even opening an account at a London clothing store where he could purchase whatever he desired.

According to biographer Philip Norman, what brings further doubt to the movie's claim is the existence of an old family photo of Elton wearing the very Hush Puppies that his father supposedly forbid him from having.

Kerry Hudson: ‘Yes, this is “made up” but this is also the most truthful thing I have to give you’

Bernie Taupin's dancing poems blended perfectly with Elton John's lavish arrangements, which resulted in hit after hit. Like in the Rocketman movie, a fact check reveals that the duo's success led to Elton being invited to play a short residency at the legendary Troubadour club in Los Angeles in August of It was his Ed Sullivan Beatles moment on a smaller scale, but it nonetheless caused a sensation.

At the young and vulnerable age of 23, he had grabbed hold of American listeners and his star was quickly on the rise. Yes, actor Taron Egerton sings Elton John's songs that we hear in Rocketman , and he also performed them for the movie's soundtrack. As for the piano playing, he does some bits but most is done by experienced piano players. Actor Taron Egerton sings the songs heard in the movie, which are featured on the Rocketman soundtrack.

Author Philip Norman revealed this little known fact in his biography of the singer. After lyricist Bernie Taupin scribbled down the words to " Your Song " at the breakfast table, Elton wrote the music in a matter of minutes at his mother's residence. The same goes for the music. The same goes for my performance, my relationship with [Richard Madden's] character. It's inspired by and I hope emotionally true to the spirit of what happened, but they are re-imaginings. No, they didn't meet for the first time at Elton John's Troubadour concert.

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The Rocketman true story reveals that their first meeting was actually at a Christmas party in London in when Elton was Elton John first met his longtime songwriting partner, Bernie Taupin, in when they both responded to an advertisement for songwriters in the British pop magazine New Musical Express. He was still going by his birth name of Reggie Dwight back then. Liberty Records was looking for talent, but Elton initially failed his audition.

Williams gave him a handful of poems written by lyricist Bernie Taupin. Elton read the poems on the train ride home and was moved by the words. He contacted Bernie and their musical journey together began. Bernie talks about their first meeting in this Bernie Taupin interview.

The money, job, marriage myth: are you happy yet?

But he was the first real big, pivotal thing in my life. Elton says that they've never argued over a song. Bernie himself has been married four times and is currently married to Heather Kidd. This ad for music talent appeared in the June 17, edition of the New Musical Express , a well-known weekly British pop music magazine. Both year-old Reg Dwight and year-old Bernie Taupin responded to the ad.

In researching Rocketman 's historical accuracy, we learned that this is a well-known fact.

'Turn: Washington's Spies' finale: What became of all the characters?

Bernie Taupin has always written the lyrics and sent or gave them to Elton to add the music. Today, this is primarily done through email. They've never worked together in the same room. Doing so would have been especially difficult after Bernie moved to the States. It's not a very awe-inspiring name. Rocketman Cast vs. According to Elton, the film's depiction of John Reid being the first man that he slept with is historically accurate.

In real life, they reportedly moved in together shortly after meeting, while in the movie it doesn't happen as quickly. This is what is being widely reported, and it appears that it's true, with a caveat or two. Just after he tells her he's gay, his secret boyfriend and manager, John Reid Richard Madden , slaps him across the face. We found no record of the slap actually happening in real life, despite the unstable relationship that Elton had with John Reid. Not exactly. In the Rocketman movie, Elton's mom is critical of his sexuality and tells him that he'll never be "properly loved," going as far to say, "Do you know what a disappointment it is to be your mother?

In a interview, Elton himself said, "My mum had always supported me and never reproached me, even when I went on record and said I was bisexual" The Sun. In , she attended Elton's wedding to partner David Furnish, who became upset because she wasn't wearing a hat and was told she couldn't appear in any of the official photographs. It certainly appears that she didn't get along with Furnish, but it seems that it had little to do with sexuality. Elton and Sheila did have their blow-ups.

Credit Counseling: How it Works & How to Select an Agency

Elton got upset that his mother had remained friends with his former manager John Reid after his own falling out with Reid in He was also upset that she stayed friends with his former driver Bob Halley, who she said looked out for her and was like a son. After Elton didn't come to see his stepfather, Fred Farebrother, before he died, and then failed to show up at his funeral, Elton's relationship with his mother again worsened.

While it's possible their turbulent relationship led to such a declaration, the real Sheila didn't hesitate to publicly support Elton even when they weren't speaking. That's what we worked for, to make him successful," she said in a interview with the Daily Mail. In the least, Rocketman certainly makes Elton's mother seem more vindictive than she was in real life, as she seems to have been more a mixture of hot and cold.

In a article he wrote for The Guardian , he described his mom as "argumentative and prone to dark moods. When are the Hugo Awards Presented? How are the Awards Determined? Who selects the finalists and winners? How many Hugo Awards are presented each year? What are the categories?

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